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Trade Maker is the automotive industry’s first fully digital trade-in tool that helps dealers acquire more trade-ins.
Trade-ins typically sell at higher gross profits. Paying the right money for used vehicles is always a challenge.
Trade Maker puts you in front of so many sellers you can cherry pick the ones you want.
The best part is 67% of those sellers will replace their car with another vehicle! Why not one of yours?

Is your dealership full throttle?

We have taken many of our dealers to #1
with our auto dealer marketing and we can
do the same for you

Experience Counts

Over 15 years in business serving
1,600 + dealers nationwide

Is YOUR dealership converting 2-4%

of your repair orders into new vehicles sold? Our clients convert 2-4%. That’s 20-40 vehicles sold per 1,000 RO’s!

our dealer says that

grosses went up $300-$600
per vehicle with First Pencil

REGARDLESS of the desking tool they were using before
they switched!

Our Automotive Dealer Marketing Services

Virtual BDC/ Live Call Center

Our highly trained agents can make the calls you dont have time nor man power to make. Un-sold Save-a-deal, Data Mining, I-net leads

First Pencil" Desking Software/Training

Guest Concepts software provides 100% compliance, higher grosses, and higher close rates

Vehicle Exchange Program

Our highly trained agents can make the calls you dont have time nor man power to make. Un-sold Save-a-deal, Data Mining, I-net leads

Data Hygiene

4 year NCOA, email appends, 97% USPS Delivery rate, geo-coding

Callrevu Tracking

Up to 15 unique 1-800 numbers to track and record all inbound calls

Sales and Service Emails

Design and deploy offer-based, variable emails

Campaign Conversion Site

Fully managed, dynamic and responsive websites to convert prospects

Sales Merchandising

Merchandising package to accompany each sales campaign

Social Media Advertising

Target existing customer’s news feeds, conquest through targeted ads

Vehicle Exhange Software

In-store software that manages communications to eligible consumers

High Impact Customer Cloning Events

Targeted data driven weekend direct mail events staffed by one of our Performance Coaches to ensure success

On-site Program Training

2-3 days/qtr. of on-site training to implement the Vehicle Exchange Program

Ownership Verification

Remove 30% of database through unique owner verification technology.

Online Campaign Reporting

Marketing dashboard to measure ROI of all campaigns and mediums

Call Monitoring

Monitoring and transcribing all inbound calls sending alerts as needed (First 90 days)

Auto Dealer Marketing Mobile App

Custom App that allows customers to interact with the dealership

Data Driven Targeted Mail

Variable, high-quality materials, delivered to Perfect Prospects

Search Engine Marketing

Dynamic phone numbers, custom copy, custom landing pages, 2x results

Online Display Advertising

Behavioral targeting, re-targeting, offer-based, customized motion ads

Service Merchandising

Merchandising package to support the Vehicle Exchange Program

Auto Dealer Advertising Strategy

Automotive Advertising Company

The Sales Academy provides automotive organizations across the U.S. with our exclusive 360 Sales and Service Marketing Program. We package industry best Automotive marketing solutions with hands on training and consulting. We are solely devoted to the automotive industry and provide a broad range of integrated auto dealer marketing services for new and used vehicle sales and service. Our creative solutions, market research and data analysis are unrivaled in the industry.

Our data hygiene software eliminates waste by ranking a dealership’s customers and prospects based on their statistical probability of either purchasing or servicing their vehicles with the dealership during the next quarter. That saves our clients thousands upon thousands of dollars. We only target recent purchasers, customers driving newer models that need maintenance, those in equity who may or may not be actively using the dealer’s service department and people who have no previous relationship with the dealership, but certainly should. Our automotive dealership marketing specialization provides superior market research and data analysis unparalleled in the industry.


Over the last 15 years, our team has helped over 1600 dealers across the country and several manufactures dominate. Experience counts. We are trusted automotive dealer marketing experts. Our team is employed by many of the most successful and meticulous organizations at the dealer, association, and manufacturer levels in the automotive industry. Our clients are our partners, and we stop at nothing to see them flourish. Contact us now to put our experiences to work for your dealership.


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